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Mojo Manual

Welcome to the Mojo Manual, a complete guide to the Mojo🔥 programming language!

Mojo is designed to solve a variety of AI development challenges that no other language can, because Mojo is the first programming language built from the ground-up with MLIR (a compiler infrastructure that's ideal for heterogeneous hardware, from CPUs and GPUs, to various AI ASICs). We also designed Mojo as a superset of Python because we love Python and its community, but we couldn't realistically enhance Python to do all the things we wanted. For a longer discussion on this topic, read Why Mojo.

Beware that Mojo is still a very young language, so there's a lot that hasn't been built yet. Likewise, there's a lot of documentation that hasn't been written yet. But we're excited to share Mojo with you and get your feedback.