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The Modular command line interface.


modular <command>
modular [options]


The modular CLI allows you to install and interact with Modular's products.

To update modular on Ubuntu, use apt:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install modular

To update on macOS, use brew:

brew update
brew upgrade modular

For information about updates, see the modular changelog.


install — Installs a Modular package.

uninstall — Uninstalls a Modular package.

auth — Authorizes access to Modular services.

clean — Removes all packages and settings.

host-info — Prints host hardware information.

config — Gets a configuration value.

config-set — Sets a configuration value.

config-list — Lists all configuration values.

update — Updates a Modular package.

list-packages — Lists installed Modular packages.


Diagnostic options

--version, -v

Prints the Modular version and exits.

Common options

--help, -h

Displays help information.